PcVue Solutions Granted Patent for Contextual Mobility – Location Management at the Next Level!

InformaTrac 12/12/17

Contextual Mobility is the best way to deliver pertinent real-time information to your personnel quickly and effectively Contextual mobile HMI with proximity & location services Only deliver content relevant to user by location and asset User can use any mobile device, including their smart phone Dedicated mobility server with a Contextual Logic Engine Dispatch the…

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Tracking People During Emergencies Using RFID

InformaTrac 06/12/17

RFID technology can easily be applied for applications that best fit your needs to track people during emergency situations. Track where personnel are during an emergency, ensuring peoples safety, quickly dispatching the safety crews, and verifying evacuation and safety procedures. Advanced RFID Technology RFID tags come in many different varieties to fit most applications which…

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Tracking People Using RFID

InformaTrac 05/03/17

RFID technology can easily be applied for applications that best fits your needs to track people using RFID. This technology comes in assorted flavors. The right RFID technology is ready now to track your personnel in an efficient, non-intrusive manner to help put people in the right place at the right time, while securing areas…

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Implementing an Asset Tracking System

InformaTrac 12/05/16

The first and foremost reason for implement and asset tracking system is to know what are your assets and where are they located.  With today’s technology, it’s hard to imagine that there are still companies out there that do not even have a spreadsheet of their assets.  One of the most common reasons I get…

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What is RFID?

InformaTrac 11/28/16

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is now an easy to install and even easier to use technology. With many applications that can benefit from RFID, it makes sense for everyone to at least look at it.   We talk about Radio Frequency Identification, but what is it, really? RFID is a way of identifying something without…

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InformaTrac 11/15/16

Use Real-Time Software with RFID Hardware for Making Instantaneous Decisions RFID has many benefits including the ability to read at high speeds and without line of sight.  With available technologies you can identify people, product, and assets as they move through a process or location.  Know where and when movement occurs, identify key personnel to unlock…

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RFID or Barcode – Why not both?

InformaTrac 11/10/16

Software based solutions are not limited to a single technology. Most companies are unique in their process which often times requires creative thinking when implementing a traceability solution.  When choosing RFID vs. Barcode as your ID input component it’s important to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of each solution.   RFID and Barcodes are not interchangeable…

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