Manufacturing Execution System

InformaTrac specializes in providing software and data collection solutions for organizations of all sizes. The success of these businesses revolves around a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that drives the overall process. From Inventory Control to Process and Route management to Data Collection, an MES solution is the central hub of information management that is critical to any organization.

ProLinc by Ashton Potter

InformaTrac is a Gold Tier integrator for ProLinc by Ashton Potter. ProLinc is an enterprise traceability and security software solution that enables organizations to ensure product/brand integrity with complete control of the entire supply chain.

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Organizational Awareness

  • A proper MES solution is designed to provide complete visibility of operational information.
  • Process instructions, notifications and reports are visible to those who need to know.

o awareness

Product Traceability and Serialization

Every number is tracked from cradle to consumption

product traceability

Data Collection

Information can be collected at granular levels to be used for historical reporting and analysis

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