Continuous Improvement


Continuous Improvement – Overall Equipment

InformaTrac, partnering with OEEsystems, provides OEE Software and methodology that measures the gap between the actual performance and the potential performance of a manufacturing unit. Critically evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. Easily implemented OEE software that provides a continuous improvement process that can be used on single and multiple production lines and from one to a number of plants in a group-wide structure.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used to analyze existing processes.

Accumulate production data that can be used to make more informed decisions.

Businesses have a straightforward path to pursue maximum production efficiency.

Visualize OEE data with grouped metrics that show how to improve production.

Identify problematic areas that need improvement with sophisticated reports.

Real time alerts help to preemptively spot upcoming issues before they happen.

Gain deeper insights that are used for measuring manufacturing productivity.


Informatrac Manufacturing

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