Mobile Application to easily track security items such as cash management, safety, employee accountability, driver tracking, and other security tracking features. Assign checkoffs and alerts for any event. Checklist can include notes and photos to better document any type of activity. Also track GPS location when the events are logged.

Safety Management

Manage safety checklists with photo and GPS documentation. Ensure safety rounds are done in a timely manner and alert when rounds are complete as well as document and safety incidents found.

Open and Close Acknowledgement

Allow managers to acknowledge when locations are open and safe for associated customers. Also track that locations are secured and locked down at end of day.

Security Guard Rounds Management

Get round information as it happens. Track GPS locations and get photo documentation of issues from standard procedures such as cleanliness of areas and lock checks to documenting incidents such as broken windows and other alarming incidents with automatic alerts to key personal and security.

Driver Management

Track deliveries and pickup with GPS locations and photo signatures ids and drop locations.

Cash Management

Ensure deposits are tracked as they happen with GPS location. Get alerts when deposits are made with GPS locations to ensure cash is where is it supposed to be.

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