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The PcVue solution is implemented in many wind farm applications because of its reliability, scalability and high performance in a Client-Server data architecture. The main objective of using PcVue is to make the information from the wind farms, especially alarms and historical data, available remotely. The control system at each site samples the main operational data from the generators and the various substations. This data is controlled remotely where one control station site can monitor dozens of wind farms located throughout the world.

Our solutions have also been implemented for Solar Farms and Monitoring of Charging Stations.

SCADA technology for Renewable Wind Energy Operations

Mastering Interfaces between Humans, Systems, and Connected Things

Local Control/Monitoring and Data Collection

Local Control Systems can connect to a central control center

Control and Wind Farms from a central location

Alarm Weather Warning Systems

Keeps Fleets Up and Running All The Time

Facilitate Remote Control of Wind Farms and Solar PV

Local Control Centers talk to Central Locations

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