InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller

InformaTrac is proud to announce the upcoming release of the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller. 

The new InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller is an Edge Technology device that brings the benefits of local hardware devices to the world of cloud computing.  By bridging the gap, the IoT controller can make local technologies such as RFID, Printing and Automation work seamlessly with cloud software.  Use it to:

  • Track Asset and People Locations with RFID
  • Automate Label Printing
  • Communicate with Equipment via I/O
  • Collaborate with other software such as ERP and SCADA
  • Geolocate mobile assets such as vehicles

As an Edge computing device, the IoT Controller is a low-cost hardware device with a minimal footprint that includes some powerful technology.  About the size of a wallet, the controller communicates with local equipment and other software via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  You no longer need a bulky and loud local server to manage the communications between equipment and software.  Mount the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller on the shop floor right next to the equipment or in an environmentally safe enclosure.

It’s as simple as connecting the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller to the network and it will immediately begin communicating.  Completely configurable with the InformaTrac Pro cloud software, you have full control over your data and your processes.  The IoT Controller is designed to work with the top names in RFID technology and is pre-configured to communicate over standard protocols.  And if you work with something a little more proprietary, the engineers at InformaTrac will be happy to add in a new feature.

Initially designed to allow RFID equipment to communicate with web-based software, the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller has evolved into a much more powerful tool for the manufacturing and automation world.

Control Assets and People’s Movement with Location Management

Use InformaTrac Pro from your favorite web enabled device (PC, Mac, iPhone, etc.) to view and manage all your important assets.  The IoT Controller will communicate with local RFID equipment allowing you to know the location and history of everything.

Geofencing and GPS Tracking

The InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller is enabled to use real-time GPS information.  Place the IoT Controller in a vehicle and always have access to its location.  Add an RFID reader and know the items that are in/out of the vehicle.

With its small footprint and easy setup, the InformaTrac IoT Controller can be placed at job sites.  Include RFID to know the people and/or equipment at the site.  Configure the I/O to measure environmental variables like temperature and humidity.

Alarming and Safety

InformaTrac Pro uses real time location management to maintain up to date information on where people and/or assets are moving.  Alarms can be as simple as in or out of a location or more sophisticated to include time in/out or of sequence of locations and contamination levels.

In the event of an emergency, use the real time location of people to know who has been accounted for and who may still be in harms way.  An IoT Controller can be quickly dispatched to an evacuation zone to account for people or items in the area.

Label Printing

Use the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller for print jobs to local network label and RFID tag printers.  Even configure the IoT Controller to share web-based process variables to print with inkjet or laser printers.

Automation and I/O

The InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller can communicate with local hardware controllers and contains its own input/output pins.  Turn on/off lights, sirens or other equipment by communicating with standard protocols such as OPC and Modbus or by wiring in comm directly to the controller.

InformaTrac and its partners are very excited to share this technology with the rest of the world.  Look for more information on the InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller to be announced in the coming weeks.

Click here or feel free to call InformaTrac at 866-619-7411 if you’d like more information.

Posted by Kris Hughes

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