Integrating Ashton Potters ProLinc® Software

InformaTrac Ashton Potter ProLinc System Integration

ProLinc® Product Security and Traceability Solution

ProLinc is a leading-edge technology for managing pedigree and data collection for your plant floor and process data.   With standard configurable integration tools, ProLinc can be easily configured communicate in real time with your existing business systems.  There’s no longer a need to maintain disjointed information and manually create spreadsheets and procedures to get a complete picture of the process.  With an integrated solution, systems will work together, each collecting and sharing specialized data and ultimately generating meaningful business reports.


Out of the box ProLinc itself easily manages your supply chain all the way from manufacturer/vendor to customer.

  • Manage Production Inventory
  • Control Your Process
  • Manage Large Scale Product Specific Data
  • Pedigree Data
  • Limit Recalls
  • Meet Compliance Obligations
  • Generate Large Scale Serialized Codes
  • Quality Control/Regulatory Compliance
  • Aggregate and Manage Distribution of Code Technology

Gold Tier Integrator

InformaTrac is a Gold Tier Integrator for Ashton Potter’s ProLinc software with decades of experience implementing enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes.  As the Gold Tier integrator for Ashton Potter, InformaTrac brings several value-added services to the Ashton Potter software suite.  In addition to an experienced engineering staff,  InformaTrac provides all the necessary services such as training, custom software development (as needed), middleware software for communicating between new and existing applications along with optional implementation of additional technologies such as BarcodeRFID and SCADA.

With an InformaTrac integration team you can truly think outside the box and let the technology work for you.

  • Implement a Full Turnkey System
  • Interface to Your Existing Process and Enterprise Systems
  • Integrate to Your Current Plant Floor Systems
  • Use RFID and Barcoding Technologies for Ease of Use

Interface with InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller

The InformaTrac Pro IoT Controller is a modern Edge Technology device that bridges onsite hardware with cloud solutions.   Currently standard with features such as RFID, sensor, and other machine data into the cloud, the IoT Controller easily interfaces to Ashton Potter’s ProLinc software.   It is a small and easy to install device that connects right into your existing network.  The InformaTrac Pro IoT controller interfaces to many off the shelf RFID reader technologies enabling automated data collection of process and inventory data, tracking pedigree and inventory moves in real-time.   Combined with automated sensor data reads easily ties in plant data such as temperatures, pressures, and machine data to serialized and lot data.

  • Easily Installs on Your Existing Network
  • No Additional Computer Hardware Needed
  • Track Asset and People Locations with RFID
  • Automate Label Printing
  • Communicate with Equipment via I/O
  • Collaborate with other software such as ERP and SCADA

Integrate with plant floor I/O and SCADA

Easily integrate your current plant floor I/O, supervisor control and data acquisition, and most other plant floor systems to ProLinc.   By using your plant floor information, you can not only collect all the genealogy of a given product, but you can also control the process increasing the overall quality and production output.   With the proper integration you can control equipment while collecting all the pertinent data to control the machinery in production.   Collect all your usage, downtimes, scrap rates, and yields to get your overall equipment efficiency of all your machinery in your plant.

  • Interface to Plant Floor Systems
  • Easy Connectivity to SCADA Software
  • Connect directly to PLCs and other I/O devices
  • Control Processes
  • Collect all Plant Floor Pedigree Data
  • Tie All Data to Serialized and Lot Based Product

Integrate with your ERP system

ProLinc is ideal for extending your existing ERP system.   Most ERP systems do not work on the plant floor at all.   Others do, but they are very expensive to implement and hard to use once they are installed.   ProLinc is a great extender to get plant floor data, inventory usage, genealogy data, serialization and lot base, WIP moves, and advanced pedigree data.   ProLinc works well to get all the data you need to limit your recalls and meet your compliance requirements.   By using data warehousing, advanced connectors, and existing ERP APIs, InformaTrac can interface to your ERP enabling a seamless interface from the plant floor to the enterprise system.   Let ProLinc send the ledger data needed when data is consumed at the plant floor.   ProLinc can manage automated inventory alleviation, reconciliation, and IQA receipts.  You can move all necessary data up to your financial systems while getting all the benefits of the plant floor process data collection and control.

  • ProLinc Automatically Serializes Product Data
  • Receive Lot and Record Usage of all Lot Base Inventory
  • Keep Track of All Pedigree Data for Lot Base Production
  • Move Production and Inventory Data Up and Down from your ERP to ProLinc
  • Automate Holds from Your ERP to ProLinc Stopping Unwanted Production
  • Get All Your Yield Data into Your ERP
  • Integrate RFID Technology into ERP, Automating Inventory Transactions


For more information, click here or contact InformaTrac directly at (866) 619-7411.


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