Use OEE, Get Control!

James Huysentruyt 04/20/23

Increase your production 10%+ Picking the right OEE tool is more than just picking a counter and some software that records downtimes.  The solution better have great analytical tools, a quick and easy way to collect and review your downtimes, and the ability to collect other vital information.   The tool should also easily integrate into…

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RFID Social Distancing Traceability

InformaTrac 05/01/20

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has made us all reevaluate the work environment and the extreme need to make it safe from air born illnesses. Now that we are opening back up, we have a new normal for interaction in the workplace. Employers are under pressure to put in place social distancing policies to ensure employees…

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RFID and SCADA for the Ultimate BMS Solution

InformaTrac 02/25/20

BMS (Building Management System) Software is the cornerstone for any modern facility.  It takes a revolutionary SCADA package to bring all the capabilities of a building into a single user interface.  InformaTrac and PcVue, using today’s state of the art technology, easily couples RFID and SCADA for the ultimate BMS solution. Industrial facilities, data centers,…

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Integrating Ashton Potters ProLinc® Software

InformaTrac 01/19/20

ProLinc® Product Security and Traceability Solution ProLinc is a leading-edge technology for managing pedigree and data collection for your plant floor and process data.   With standard configurable integration tools, ProLinc can be easily configured communicate in real time with your existing business systems.  There’s no longer a need to maintain disjointed information and manually create…

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RFID Beyond Inventory

InformaTrac 06/26/19

Technology is what drives our industries and RFID is leading the way with new and innovative uses.  By embracing these new technologies and incorporating them into our processes we can maintain that competitive edge and continue to grow.  By ignoring it, we’re simply allowing for the inevitability that the rest of the industry will leave…

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InformaTrac Review of Ranger 7 by Trimble

InformaTrac 10/02/18

At InformaTrac, we spend a lot of time working with all the latest barcode and RFID technology. So when we heard about the new Ranger 7 by Trimble, we knew we had to test it out. We reached out to Trimble to talk about their new game-changer of a device and this is what they…

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Loss Prevention with RFID

InformaTrac 09/18/18

When it comes to preventing loss, many managers are trained to focus their attention on the most expensive assets with the easiest chances of getting damaged, misplaced or stolen. If we understand that preventable damage is often a case of a tool in the hands of an unqualified person, then virtually all of the loss…

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose RFID

InformaTrac 09/11/18

At InformaTrac, we are big proponents of using technology such as barcode and RFID to improve efficiencies and increase accuracy. Since we are always getting questions relating to how RFID is better when compared to barcodes, we’ve developed our top 5 reasons to choose RFID.   1. Speed RFID readers are not limited to scanning…

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Active RFID versus Passive RFID

InformaTrac 04/10/18

As RFID technology moves forward, choosing between active and passive technologies becomes more and more of a challenge. Although both technologies offer excellent features, you still need to understand how the technology works before starting an implementation. Whether you’re tracking product through a production line, or you are keeping track of equipment, the right solution…

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Location Management – Asset and People Alarming Using RFID

InformaTrac 02/05/18

RFID technology can easily be applied for applications that best fit your needs to track assets, people and product and to monitor, restrict and control movement.  Not just enabling access, but also tracking and managing timed access.  Monitor and control how long warehouse personnel can be in a freezer.  Manage how long time sensitive items,…

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