PcVue Solutions Granted Patent for Contextual Mobility – Location Management at the Next Level!

Contextual Mobility is the best way to deliver pertinent real-time information to your personnel quickly and effectively

  • Contextual mobile HMI with proximity & location services
  • Only deliver content relevant to user by location and asset
  • User can use any mobile device, including their smart phone
  • Dedicated mobility server with a Contextual Logic Engine
  • Dispatch the closest user to problem spots as the problem occurs
  • Deliver real-time information, video, and document as needed per the user’s location
  • Report all activity and current status at the enterprise level
  • Secured system eliminated unauthorized access

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InformaTrac PcVue Mobility Solution

How It Works Step-By-Step

  1. A mobile worker starts the mobile app and logs on. The worker enters a zone and the app detects nearby Bluetooth LE Beacon tags and WiFi Access Points, or scans a NFC tag or QR Code. The app sends the Mobility Server the environmental context and the mobile worker’s credentials.
  2. The Mobility Server maintains a database which associates locations and user roles with actions and events. Using the information transmitted by the app, the Mobility Server determines the mobile device’s current location and the user’s role.
  3. The Mobility Server automatically sends the mobile device relevant information based on the mobile worker’s location and role. The Mobility Server provides the SCADA or BMS system with:
    • All real time data needed for the supervisory control.
    • Real-time location of the devices and assets as they move.

For more information on Contextual Mobility – https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/index.php/solutions/mobility

For more information on PcVue –



Contact us today for a free consultation and for more information and how to get your contextual mobility solution using PcVue software at (866) 619-7411 or click on our website for more information (www.InformaTrac.com).


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