Tracking People Using RFID

People Tracking with RFID by InformaTrac

RFID technology can easily be applied for applications that best fits your needs to track people using RFID. This technology comes in assorted flavors. The right RFID technology is ready now to track your personnel in an efficient, non-intrusive manner to help put people in the right place at the right time, while securing areas and increasing safety.


Advance RFID Technology


RFID tags come in many different varieties to fit most applications which can co-exist with your current time tracking or door access system. Smaller form factors are available that can fit the size you need to ensure the tag is non-intrusive to the person’s task at hand.


The tags can be fit with lanyards, Velcro, or other mechanisms to make the tags easily carried by the person being tracked. Once the person has the tag, that person can be tracked through a facility, a field, a tool yard, or anywhere needed.


Passive RFID Portals


For applications where people are tracked through doorways and other narrow pathways, portals are still very applicable. Passive RFID tags are very inexpensive and come in many form factors out of the box. Antennas can be setup to easily detect RFID tags as they pass. This technology is very popular with many suppliers making it very competitive.


Active RFID


Active RFID, such as InfinID’s V-Tag™ mesh network, makes it easy to place location tags through a facility. These tags are available in weather proof casings enabling tracking in remote areas such a fields or equipment yards. These location tags work on batteries and can be placed from a few feet to a couple of hundred yards apart.


An Active RFID system can be implemented quickly enabling you to track people in locations that you would have needed expensive GPS devices in the past. With Active RFID, you can track people anywhere as they move freely without the need for portal technology.


Advanced RFID Software


Off the shelf software, like InformaTrac Pro, makes it extremely easy to setup and use RFID. The software allows you to easily setup locations, readers, antennas and associate people to RFID tags. See floor plans, view restricted areas, alarm violations, record complete movement genealogy, and easily display reports all on the web. Because the software is web enabled and browser independent, you can view all this information on any device, including your mobile phone.


Practical Applications


With all the available technology, it is now easy to setup an RFID system for almost any application. Once everything is setup, you just need to assign RFID tags to people. You will see everyone’s location real-time on a floor plan that represents your environment.


Emergency/Safety Tracking


When you know where everyone is, it makes it easy to make sure everyone is in a safe area in case of an emergency, such as a fire or a toxic gas leak. With Active RFID V-Tag™ technology, you can easily place tags throughout the facility and at safety points. When an emergency happens, you can quickly determine everyone is at a safe location. And, if not, quickly let emergency crews know who is where and in harm’s way. Learn More >


Location Violation Alarms


Setup antennas at restricted areas. If an unauthorized person enters that location you can send out an alarm, turn on a light, and sound an alarm. All movement events are recorded so you can easily associate time of violations to other technology such a video surveillance.


Production Floor Management


Sometimes when you have many people assigned to certain locations in a production facility, they are not always where they are supposed to be. With Active RFID V-Tag™ technology you can know where your people are within feet of a certain location, giving you the certainty that they are where they are supposed to be. You can view where everyone is on a real-time floor plan. Detect people who are in break rooms or are at locations they are not assigned giving you the ability to react quickly getting them to the right location at the right time. And have complete history of all location movements.


Agriculture Field Management


With Active RFID V-Tag™ you can now locate people in just about any environment, including fields. You can place location tags on stakes throughout the growing area and detect who is at what area, allowing you to get the full genealogy of what is being sown or harvested. Placing location tags at the trucks will let you get a count of what everyone has harvested and placed on the truck.


Clean Rooms


You can also manage clean areas, restricting people from accessing a clean area after being in a dirty area. With available RFID technology and Software like InformaTrac Pro, you can set alarms on clean locations and know if someone is trying to enter a clean area after being in a dirty area, reducing the chances of contamination.




Varying RFID technologies are ready today to fit any application where you need to track people. RFID tags have come a long way with many different form factors to best fit the application. These examples are just a few of many that will work using RFID out of the box.


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